The Leverage of Financial Planning can be Very Powerful - Especially when it is done Virtually.

Introductory Chat:  Typically takes 15-20 minutes

This is simply an opportunity for us to chat with each other and determine if working together makes sense for both of us.  If we click and feel like it would be a good fit to work together, we'd then use the following meeting structure to take you through our comprehensive financial planning process.

Initial Meeting:  Typically takes 30-60 minutes

The primary purpose of this meeting is to learn about you so we can point you in a suitable direction, or confirm you are already headed that way.  This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better and to talk about your desires, your hopes, dreams & goals for the future. 

We will then do an in-depth review of your financial situation to learn more about where you currently stand.  If we agree we would like to work together we will sign a financial planning agreement detailing the work we will be doing for you.  You will be given access to your own Wealthcare GDX dashboard to start the onboarding process and to help us learn more about your individual situation, including the input of all your current accounts.  

Second Meeting:  Typically takes 45-60 minutes

In our second meeting we'll continue to review your current financial situation, while affirming your hopes, dreams & goals for the future and reviewing the information you input for accuracey and completeness.  We'll conduct the initial analysis of your current financial situation to establish a baseline to compare to alternative solutions later, even ones you may have thought of.

Third Meeting:  Typically takes 45-60 minutes

This is a great meeting to assess possible outcomes in advance to see what will work best for you and your money given your unique situation.   We compare your current plan to a variety of alternate solutions, going over each one and figuring out which aspects you like and dislike about all of them. 

Final Implementation Meeting:  Typically takes 45-60 minutes

In this meeting we review the final financial plan solution, highly customized for your situation, that is based upon what you wanted and liked from all the options we previously discussed.   We then review an implementation letter which gives you a road map to help work toards making all of this a reality.  At this time you are free to implement the solutions by yourself, with another advisor, use us, or some combination of all of them.

Annual Review Meetings:  Not less than once a year

Now that you have a plan in place it is important to update it on a regular basis,  Life happens and we want to make sure we update and adjust your financial plan as needed.  Plan on meeting with us no less than once a year to review and chat about any changes that may have happened in your life.  Your eMoney dashboard will automatically update daily, allowing us to monitor your financial life and contact you if we see anything that should be addressed.  Don't worry, we don't charge you any extra for virtual meetings, calls, or emails.  You have us 365 days a year!

We leverage the power of MoneyGuide Pro a robust tool that we use to facilitate all things financial planning for our clients. In addition to the comprehensive financial planning capabilities, MoneyGuide Pro is a highly secure dashboard that can link all of your accounts in one place, being updated daily, allowing us to make sure we are always working with the most up to date and accurate information, helping you feel more confident in the plan we have put in place.

MoneyGuide Pro securely reflects your linked accounts including their allocation, and is able to send you alerts of certain changes via email. eMoney is capable of connecting accounts from most financial institutions in the United States, including but not limited to your 401(k), 403(b), IRA, brokerage and bank accounts.



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