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How do you differentiate your services from the multitude of DIY and tax firm options?

The future of accounting isn’t yet to happen, it’s here and it’s now. Advancements in DIY tax technology such as online tax preparation, and changing consumer and business behavior have created a shift from a transactional-only model towards a more multi-dimensional relationship. Tax preparation and compliance are fundamentals that will remain. These services are readily available from any practice nationwide. The only way you’re able to differentiate yourself is on price. The question is how can you set yourself apart from your competition without compromising on your fee? You can by evolving and changing the way you perceive your relationships with your clients, taking proactive steps now to future-proof yourself and your firm. By doing so you’re adding value to your business over the long term as your firm can maintain customer’s needs as they transition through each financial stage of their lives.

You’re already at an advantage. As an Accountant, you have clients on your books already. The dialogue is happening, and in all likelihood, they’re asking you about IRAs, SEPs, and other pension plans. Ideally, we believe that converting these questions into long-haul relationships that will create a mutually beneficial arrangement is the best and most effective business model for CPAs.

Rather than sending your clients to a bank or external financial practitioner, we are recommending you become licensed and handle your clients’ IRAs, SEPs and other types of pension plans as well as other financial products and services. Being licensed means that you can be paid the fees and commissions for your work in this area. With our guidance and support, you will be able to collaborate with a seasoned financial professional, providing increased services to your client and gaining additional business from already existing realtionships. This is a win-win scenario for you and your client. 

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