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Financial Life Map

Financial Life Map

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.

About Us

About Us

Life happens! Whether you’re starting your career, mid-way through life, or entering a new chapter in retirement, it’s never too late or too early to begin or revisit the conversation of your financial planning life journey. Together, as your financial advisor, we make room for the planned life events, unexpected life events and life-altering events that everyone experiences at one stage or another.

Borne to service the investment and financial needs initially of our younger generation, Financial Life Map, offered through Latitude Advisors, LLC seeks to steer clients in all stages of life along with their expected and unexpected life events.

The resounding belief here is to guide you and to convey that we see our relationship as a whole and not transactional.

Events such as job loss, the birth of a child, major purchases, disability and even death can, with the help of a retained professional, be managed and planned for. How would you feel if you had guidance from a trained financial professional on hand to discuss these matters? It would certainly make life feel a lot less uncertain. You may even find that you’re free to explore projects and opportunities when you have someone else dealing with these difficult emotional and financial issues. After all, the big ‘happy’ life events like a new baby or buying your first home are exciting and fun. The hard ones though are emotionally expensive – we understand the toll they can take on a person. We want to help you navigate through all of life’s ups and downs and take on the role of your financial guidance counselor.

Our goal is to assist you with your wealth management so you can live your one best life and make the financial decisions possible to achieve your financial goals.

We will look at funds for college, insurance, estate, retirement, elder care, social security and budgeting. You can at any time have your current plan reviewed, and updated. We seek to continuously understand your needs, it’s our commitment to keeping up to date with your requirements as you move through life and your financial needs change. We keep abreast of products and legislature to not only offer you great service financially, but to be the provider that has your best interest at heart. We conduct personal and/or virtual meetings, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly, as well as annual reviews and renewals.

A Financial Life Plan is based on your life as a journey, not just one part, say retirement. We anticipate change and provide the flexibility of range to protect you from financial disarray and bad decisions in highly stressful times.

Before you make any big or small decisions, book a free initial consultation with no obligation. We can chat about your current financial situation as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. We will provide you with candid honest feedback on how we can help you. Based on your experience with us, you can then decide if we are the right fit. Remember, you are the driver of your life, we are just here to help you steer your way and navigate through it.

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